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Moradabad Institute of Technology under the name MIT Publications publishes international academic journals in the field of Engineering & Technology. These journals aim to promote the integration of research and innovation in all important areas of Engineering & Technology viz. Computer Science, Information Technology, Electrical & Instrumentation, Electronics & Communications, Mechanical, English Language & Literature, Business Management and Pharmaceutical Sciences. At present following seven journals are being published under MIT Publications:

MIT International Journal of Computer Science & Information Technology (MITIJCSIT)

MIT International Journal of Electronics & Communication Engineering (MITIJEC)

MIT International Journal of Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering (MITIJEI)

MIT International Journal of Mecanical Engineering (MITIJME)

MIT International Journal of English Language & Literature (MITIJELL)

International Jourmal of Management MIT College of Management (IJMMITCOM)

MIT International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences(MITIJPS)


The focus is to publish papers on state-of-the-art in above mentioned areas. Submitted papers will be reviewed by technical committees of the Journal. The contributors include academicians, researchers, industry persons, technology innovators, system designers and students.

All submitted articles should report original, previously unpublished research results- experimental or theoretical, and will be peer-reviewed. Articles submitted to the journal should meet these criteria and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts should follow the style of the journal and are subject to both review and editing.

Frequency: 2 issues per year.

ISSN No.:  MITIJCSIT 2230-7621(Print Version), 2230-763X(Online Version)

            MITIJEC 2230-7664(Print Version), 2230-7672(Online Version)

            MITIJEI 2230-7648(Print Version), 2230-7656(Online Version)

            MITIJME 2230-7680(Print Version), 2230-7699(Online Version)

            MITIJELL 2347-9779(Print Version), 2348-0041(Online Version)

            IJMMITCOM 2321-6700(Print Version),2348-6759(Online Version)

            MITIJPS 2394-5338(Print Version), 2394-5346(Online Version)

Subject Categories: Computer Science and Information Technology, Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, English Language and Literature,Pharmaceutical Sciences

Published by: Moradabad Institute of Technology (MIT), Moradabad, U.P., India

Website: www.mitpublications.org or www.mitmoradabad.edu.in/MIT-Publications-mit-57.html

Submission:  Online Register yourself and Submit papers. Alternatively you may send your papers through following E-mails:

                    cs@mitpublications.org for Computer Science & Information Technology

                    ec@mitpublications.org for Electronics & Communication Engineering

                    ei@mitpublications.org for Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering

                    me@mitpublications.org for Mechanical Engineering

                    mitijell@gmail.com for English Language & Literature

                    ijm.mitcom@gmail.com for Management

                    fop@mitpublications.org for Pharmaceutical Sciences

Each accepted paper will be charged Rs. 1000/- for Indian and USD 40 for other nationals for publishing. Please click here to look for payment information.




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